Radical Hedgehog Issue One

Radical Hegehog One Page One.I

Summer 1983. In the depths of The Forest of Dean yours truly was invigorated by Punk Rock and then electrified by Anarcho-Punk. You’re in a vacuum. What do you do? Publish your own Fanzine. You try a pilot issue through a friend, he tells you that “My Dad won’t print that, too political”. So, you end up producing this first issue, where you quickly reaalise you shouldn’t draw up to the edges. Although we’re going from the original artwork here, I thought it would be fun to scan it like the original photocopier.  Continue reading

The Hedgehog Has Landed…

Welcome to my WordPress Pudding of Rage where I’ll be aiming to archive my writing, painting, cartoons, illustration and self-publishing from down the decades. That will hopefully include a properly accessible archive of Radical Hedgehog fanzine.

I’m also hoping to use this site to flog off some old artwork and maybe drum up some new work. Put any offers to me by going to the Contacts section. Off we go…

Image: ‘Great Things in Life’

Poot! Comic Volume 2, Issue 4, April/May 2010. Original in black & white, colouring by editors.